Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jobs I Don't Want

Welcome back, oh patient readers. Sorry to have been a total douchebag and not written anything for quite some time.

Anyway, while I browse the internet looking for work that is somewhat enjoyable and compensated at levels at least reminiscent of the west, I thought I'd share with you some of the jobs that Chinese people hold that I have absolutely no interest in pursuing.

Today's subject is the card flicker. This is a guy who stands in the middle of a busy road and sticks business cards in the windows of cars as they whiz by at a minimum of 20 MPH. If you happen to have your window open a crack, as I did one day on my way to meet some friends for sushi, this guy will expertly flick the card (or several) through the window as you go by. Their accuracy is startling; I've seen them get a card through a 1 inch slit from several feet away.

Anyway, not only does the job seem boring, monotonous, and extremely dangerous (knowing Chinese driving practices), but most of the cards offer "massage" services. Even more hilarious, they promise American, European, and Japanese women are all available. Sure.

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